My Journey

PAX Apothecary began out of a need- Compelled by essential oils, and how their scents altered my mood, their medicinal purposes not being lost on me. I started carrying the small bottles around with me at a young age often discretely pulling them out to ground myself or alter my “attitude.” I began to be questioned on their purpose, to which I replied “they make me happy”. In 2011 A friend of the family (a naturalist) visiting from Sedona, Az. noticed my interest and invited me to study essential oils with her. I had started to recognize the essentials oils ability to form intentions through scent, thus creating a form of aromatherapy that could not only alter mood, but behavior. So, I moved out to Sedona the summer of 2012 and began to explore this idea of creating fragrances to help tune ones vibrational essence.

Upon returning to DC, I felt that I could share this new found practice with my clients. Having been a hairdresser for over 10 years I have compiled a family like clientele who often let me indulge them in my eccentricities. I began creating fragrances for them and their friends. The more familiar I became with essential oils the more knowledge I craved. I became increasingly aware of their miraculous medicinal qualities, and fully adopted them into all aspects of my daily life. Naturally, I wanted to share what I’ve come to understand about these essential oils. I began mixing my fragrances in with bath salts and body oils, creating a dual purpose for my vibrational fragrances. I continued studying all forms of natural health and body care. I read, experimented, and applied what I learned; often by the request of loyal trusting clients.

This journey is far from over. Creating products based on need is one of the most creative, and fulfilling challenges I’ve ever encountered. PAX Apothecary is a living entity. She grows every day with the love and support of all who appreciate her bounty. Thank you for being part of her creation and evolution. This journey is to be shared. One love, One Earth. Blessed be.

~ Nicole Lueschow