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Company Overview

Pax Apothecary is an artisan line of natural fragrances and body products handcrafted with mindful intention, based on the knowledge that aromas have a significant effect on mood, health, and psyche. I create original fragrances to help tune one’s vibrational essence. Given the esoteric nature of this practice, I’ve developed a line of aromatic bath and body products making this form of aromatherapy more accessible. The Pax Beauty line is created with all-natural ingredients, scented with 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils, and delivered to you in eco-friendly packaging.


Be sincere and honest. Approach everyday with an open mind and adventurous spirit. Regard life with kindness and compassion. Be dependable. Share with abundance. Inspire individuality. Feed the hunger for life.




Positive Intention Scent is Mood Altering Vibrational Essence All Natural Ingredients
  We believe that thought and intention have energy and can turn, create, or alter matter.   We believe in the science of scent. Scent and scent memories are controlled by the amygdala; part of the limbic system in the brain. This system is responsible for instinct and mood, and controls basic human emotion.   We believe that all things are connected. There is a universal blueprint in all things organic. The key to understanding the universe lies within all of its living organisms.   We believe that the Earth can provide the resources to maintain basic human health. There are no chemicals preservatives in these products. Everything is food grade or better, and is grown using sustainable organic practices wherever possible.